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Radio - Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Shequalizing-X-Distort for the 9th episode takeover.  Another amazing show which runs the gamut from raging hardcore to outlier post-punk. There was some brand new and unreleased local tracks, digging in the crates archival material, show reviews of Cock Sparrer and the upcoming Impalers show AND an early Christmas present. Listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here

VEX – I Wanna be Where the Boys are

S-21 – Mass Gave (Self-Released)
ADS – Waiting for the War (BZ)
OUTCRY – Reality (Self-Released)
PEDESTRIAN – Paradise (Self-Released)

ANXIETY – The Worst (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TASHME  - Demons (Self-Released)
GOOD THROB – Tube Disaster (Outsider)
CAREER SUICIDE – Machine Response (Career Suicide)
CRUX – Keep on Running (No Future)

THE PRATS – Disco Pope (Rough Trade)
FLQ – Repent (Unreleased)
HARD PRESSED – Crook in Disguise (Self-Released)
COCK SPARRER – Runnin’ Riot (Decca)

GAZM – Easy 2 See (Self-Released)
MIRROR – Boot Licker
RIK AND THE PIGS – Vile Order (Feel It)
S.L.I.P. – There’s No Hope in the USA (Sorry State)
LYSOL – Clean Living (Deranged)
THE IMPALERS – Human Kindness (S.H.I.T. cover)

FAMILY FOODER – Savoir Faire (Fresh)
CRASS – Darling (CRASS)
THE EXPELLED –Dreaming (Riot City)
CONMAN – Steam (Self-Released)

THE BUSINESS – Bollocks to X-mas (Secret)
THE GREEDIES – A Merry Jingle  (Vertigo)
HYGIENE – Christmas Do (Statik Shock)
SHONEN KNIFE – Space Christmas (Seminal Twang)
THE KINKS – Father Christmas (Arista)
THE DAMNED – There Ain’t No Sanity Clause (Chiswick)

SPECTRES – Vertigo (Deranged)
ALIENATION – Always the Same (Warthog Speaks)
WILD AT HEART – Haunted (Self-Released)

DEVO – Swelling Itching Brain (Warner Brothers)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Top 10 - November 2016

1. WARTHOG “Culture?” ep (Beach Impediment)
2. PURE DISGUST LP (Katorga Works)
3. SUNSHINE WARD “Order” (Feral Ward)
4. FRAGMENT Demo (Self-Released)
5. MAD EXISTENCE Ignorance is Bliss” ep (Self-Released)
6. LAUGHING STOCK “Inside Joke “ ep (Nightrider)
7. MILD SHAG “Rat Race” ep (Imminent Destruction)
8. BOMBARDEO / DHK “La Vida Es Un Infierno” split (Espiral DIYscos)
9. S-21 Demo (Self-Released)
10. ARMS RACE “New Wave of British Hardcore” LP (La VidaEs Un Mus)

* S-21–


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Radio - Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Fidel Castro passed away and in honour of his passing we played Cuba's first and best known band Eskoria.

ESKORIA - Chispetren (Self-Released)

Cock Sparrer are playing in Toronto tonight. On tonigh's show we are playing a top 10 for November and this set has some re-issues and runners up from this month's releases.

COCK SPARRER - Don't Stop (Captain Oi)
TOXIC EPHEX - What A Waste of Money (Mad Butcher)
AHEADS - Not Last Night (Blurrg)
MACHO BOYS - Victim to Blame (Self-Released)
TOXIC WOMB - Sucker (Self-Released)
JUVEBTUD PODRIDA - Criando Cuervos (Logica Ciega)
MYTERI – Utbränd (Halvfabrikat)

It's my birthday tonight so Rob played the Beatles song and some pop punk, which I am not a fan of to celebrate my birthday.

BEATLES – Birthday (Apple)
PSEUDO – Outlaws (Self-Released)
SAMIAM – Full On (Burning Heart)
FIFTEEN – Middle (Cool Guy)
CHIXDIGGIT – Going to the Peelers (Honest Don's)

Here is my top 10 for November 2016 in reverse order.

10. ARMS RACE – UK15 (La Vida Es Un Mus)
9. S-21 - Mass Grave (Self-Released)
8. BOMBARDEO - Guerra = Muerte / DHK - Lxs Punk's no mueren! (Espiral DIYscos)
7. MILD SHAG - Fight On (Imminent Destruction)
6. LAUGHING STOCK - On and On (Self-Released)
5. MAD EXISTENCE - My Richmond (Self-Released)
4. FRAGMENT - Abandoned, Surrounded (Self-Released)
3. SUNSHINE WARD - Order (Feral Ward)
2. PURE DISGUST - White Silence (Katorga Works)
1. WARTHOG - Functioning World (Beach Impediment)

THE CAVEMEN – Speed of Death (Dirty Water)
JONESY – (I Wanna) Bang Bang You (No Front Teeth)
PLATINUM BOYS – Candy (Dusty Medical Records)
TYRANNA MEN – I Can't Read Your Mind (Static Shock)
BULLET PROOF LOVERS – Master of my Destiny (Rum Bar)

CIUT has a trip for two to Iceland as a Grand Prize draw for our fundraising campaign.  The off air has been extended until January 14th and so if you make a donation to CIUT for $25 or more you can get an entry into that draw. Donate at In honour of the trip to Iceland here is a set of early punk from there which includes Bjork's second band, Tappi Tikarras.

VONBRIGOI – O Rejkajavik (Mauerstadtmusik)
TAPPI TIKARRAS – London (Spor)
UTANGANOSMENN – Poppstjarnan (Steinar)
FRAEBBBLAMIR – Gotta Go (Hugrenningur)
PURRKURR PILLNIKK – Floqhahbid (Gramm)
Q4U – Toys (Skaf)
EGO – Sieg Hell (Steinar)
VONBRIGOI – Guafraea (Red River)

THE SAINTE CATHERINES – Look at the Moon (Yo Yo)
ERIC'S TRIP – Sunlight (Sub Pop)
COLD WARPSE – Endless Bummer (Noyes)
KID DYNAMITE – Never Met the Gooch (Jade Tree)

You can download the show here.

Flyer - Sunday, November 27th, 2016