Sunday, October 23, 2016

Radio - Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Rob starts out tonight's show with a band he saw last night from L.A. Here is tonight's show and playlist and you can download the show here.

THE CRAZY SQUEEZE – Crazy Squeeze (Self-Released)

THE RICHMOND SLUTS – City Girls (Disaster)
TEENAGE HEAD – Let's Shake (Attic)
THE COUNT BISHOPS – Teenage Letter (Mojo)
THE 101'ers – Keys to your Heart (EMI)

PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS – Death Threat (Slovenly)
THE METROS – I Gotta Go (Dirtnap)
THE ERGS – 180 Degree Emotional Ollie (Don Giovanni)
MARK SULTAN – I Wanna Be the Only One (Sounds of Subterania)
PINK WINE – If I Forgave (We are Busybodies)

AKAKABUTO - Människohatt (Self-Released)
RED DEATH - Empty Shell (Lockin' Out)
CRIMEN - Bien Chafa (Discos Enfermos)
ULTRA – Rojo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
B.E.T.O.E. – No Votes (Cintas Cachicammo)

VIOLENT REACTION - No Pride (Revelation)
PAGANS OF NORTHUMBERLAND - Bombs Away (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI - Let’s Go (Mass Productions)
ODIO - Strictly Criminal (Nightrider)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Streets of St Pauli (Boss Tuneage)

UGLY SHADOW – Kids of Tomorrow (Dark Liquid)
TROIKA – Etiquetas (Self-Released) – from Madrid
XLITOL - Femme Shoulder Devil
YOUTH SUCKS - Nincs Semmid (Budapest)
WOLF LUV - Suffocation Vacation

H.H.H. – Vota
POSITIVE NOISE - Positive Noise
PONCHO NEGRO – Conducion Miserable (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - #2 (Schizophrenic)
FRAGMENT – Slow Death (Self-Released)
SLOW DEATH – Cop Out (Unknown Coast)

SOCKS FOR COCKS - Sorry Dude Interlude (Self-Released)
ALDERKNOT - You're Everywhere (Self-Released)
CROOKED JACKS - Anti-Social Networking (Self-Released)
EAST END RADICALS – Nation's Secret Shame (Stomp)
BIG BROTHER – Straight Outta Ontario(No Time)
JON CREEDEN - Take That Steve Perry (My Fingers! My Brains!)
THE MERTON PARKAS – Face in the Crowd (Beggars Banquet)

Demo Feature 
WATCHDOG from Kamloops, BC remind me a lot of bands like BROTHERHOOD who were aping that SSD sound, but they have some SPAZZ like power violence nods as well. You can download their demo on bandcamp.

WATCHDOG – Boil My Blood (Self-Released)
WATCHDOG – More Rules (Self-Released)
WATCHDOG – Keep In Step (Self-Released)
WATCHDOG – Watchdog (Self-Released)
WATCHDOG – Spoiled Youth (Self-Released)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Radio - Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Vatican City is getting a Mickey D's. In this show we feature the studio 3 session with Gaucho. Listen above or download the show here.

MDC - Corporate Deathburger (R Radical)

THE VAPIDS – Picture My face (Double Hell)
NECK – Pull the Rug (Uncle D)
SCHOOL DAMAGE – Frig Off, Bud (Brain Candy)
OUTTACONTROLLER – Curse of the 13th Floor (P Trash)
BRAT KINGS – Good Drugs (Hosehead)

THE SPACESHITS – Cassie (Teenage Lust)
DODGE MAIN – City Slang (Alive)
LORD HIGH FIXERS – Slow Boat to China (Estrus)
VAN BUREN WHEELS – C'mon and Be Mine (Slovenly)
DICTATORS – 16 Forever (Norton)

Studio 3 session
Recorded on Tuesday August 30th in the hallway on the 3rd floor at CIUT this is a live off the floor session.

GAUCHO - El Dia Final (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Corrupcion (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Sistema de Mierda (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Cuerpos Mutilados (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Gritos de Guerra (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Brutalidad Policia (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Demonois (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Cerebros Podrido (CIUT)
GAUCHO - Interview (CIUT)
GAUCHO - New song (CIUT)

GIPSY SS - Zsibbad az agy. (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Flyer - Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Flyer - Sunday, October 16th, 2016